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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Choir Farewell '08.

to the year2s,
i wanted to say so much more at tealight but somehow i couldnt find the words. i just want you guys to know that i really feel so happy to have come into vjchoir the same year as you all, and get to know all you really really nice people. thankyou for being so nice to me always and for all the fun that we had together. i never thought that i'd feel so strongly for choir and it had always been just practices that i cannot wait to end, until i came into vjchoir last year. you guys are really special to me and i really do like all of you alot. these two years passed so quickly and you are all leaving already.

come back whenever you guys can alright? ill miss you all so much.


+ 12:16 AM

Saturday, November 8, 2008

im not blogging anymore. but for v13, i shall! :D

these past two years have definitely been the most fantastic school years ive ever been through. i still remember our first day of school, our overseas trips, our class outings which has only ever been held in cineleisure, and the many other happy memories that im sure all of us will never forget.

so here's to all of you who made my two years a really special one(:


hey adeeb! thankyou for never failing to amuse me with your hilarious acting and facial expressions, such as the time when you were singing with that black umbrella on stage in korea. the times when you made the whole class laugh and cry at the same time. although we arent that close, i think youre cute adeeb! haha:D we never talked much but ah at least i got to send you home after prom! goodluck in jc!


helloo amanda! haha my chinese class groupmate! remember the time when you were telling shermaine about how her nightmare actually means that she is going to die and she cried after hearing that? haha chinese classes would never have been the same without you guys really. thankyou for all the funny things you did which really made me laugh hard, such as that time when you were going to poke the balloon rmb? you're a really nice person amanda! and i dont think ive ever seen you get angry at anyone hah. ill miss having chinese lessons with you but anyway, goodluck in jc!

haha thinking of you makes me laugh already marbun. ah you definitely played a big part in making my ip life so entertaining haha. ok here goes! thankyou for all you crazy moments and for making me burst out in laughters that i dont think anyone else can ever make me do so. for brightening up my two years in ip and for being such a PAWWSOME groupmate. omg i think im going to miss out group so much haha. what with your hilarious paw actions, you people going 'jinx jinx personal jinx!", gabriel's "pussy" and even that banana toy( i forgot its name :/), and also you and gabriel competing who can pay more attention in class. haha you guys were fantastic really. oh and of course, our tuition! remember how it started with you whining about going alone to alan's tuition at parkway? haha and oomg alan's smeellyyy feet 0.0. together with john's multiple handphones that he stuff into his pockets everytime he goes to the toilet. and him showing us the photo of his trophy hahaha. he rocks la really.

most importantly, you've been a wonderful friend to meeee. thankyou for listening to my endless problems when im feeling down and making me laugh at the end of the convo.

the camwhoring, the running down to marina square just for thai express, the lunches at parkway, ill never forget them(:

YO gabby! ah ill seriously miss your stupid jokes next year. oh but here's something i never told you- i think you actually have a wonderful sense of humour haha. thats from the bottom of my heart yo. its true its true! so thankyou for amusing me so much with the ever so funny things you say and do gabriel wong. for never getting angry at us when we snatch your phone because your phone seriously is the best thing to keep us awake in class(: shit i think im tearing. ill miss our group):

but anyway, another thankyou to you for those long convos we shared a few times. for comforting me when i felt shit, and hope i managed to cheeryou up when you did too!

omg to think i was in the same ballet class as your mum before hahahaha.

ohwells, thankyou for everything la ya? and goodluck in jc!

hey timo! thanks for the wonderful songs you always sing for us and for all your good music from your ipod that you blast every morning. ok except for the bjork ones hah. its not the first time im saying this but i shall say it again hah. that is, i love your singing timo! really really do! and thankyou for being such a pawwsome groupmate too. for making me laugh so hard with your imitations of mr teo's barney-like laughter and his "how now brown cow" hahaha. oooh and i dont think we'll ever forget your losing of your headphones incident right? omg all that viewing of security camera footages when it was in asyraf's bag all along haha. you've been a great friend timo! so thankyou for everything, the songs you sent me and all. oh you know, you always make me feel kind of happy when you say things like "i think you'll like this song" or "this is a song you'll like". haha and most of the time, i really do like them! so thankyou timo and goodluck in jc!

hey leonie! hah think i only started talking to you much every since feeling fab when we suddenly got into this lyrical jazz craze and when we found out about RYAN. hahaha he's the best la really. anyway, thankyou for the craziest things you and ashley say and do which seriously cracked me up and for being so nice to me all along. haha oh no whatever happened to our "exercising after exams" hur! ohwells, at least we did run once! :D and we can ahem always run some more during the holidays! haha anyway thankyou for everything la ya? you've been great! goodluck in jc!

yasmin!! omg v13 would really be incomplete without you hahaha. with your deafeaning shrieks in class just by the smallest things such as um dropping your handphone on the floor hahahah. anyway, thanks for brightening up my days with your smiles and hugs and even your pats on the back every single time we cough or sneeze hahahah. ohman remember SL camp? where the girls had our little heart-to-heart talk haha. thanks for all that you said time, and the same goes for the other girls. anyway, goodluck in jc and all the best!

helloo sheep! thankyou for making us laugh so much by the illogical words that spill out of your mouth and by the funniest things that you do. ah but nothing can be the incident in front of 'famous amos' at cineleisure ya? hahaha "thats a nice name". it was damn funny la omg. tsk you simin! oooh and we were in the same group before right? with norman. haha i actually miss hearing your quarrels with norman. you doing things such as touching his water bottle just to piss him off haha. anyway, goodluck in jc simin and may you stay so happy always!

helloo jieqi! haha thankyou for the ahem wonderful songs that you sing to the class! i think ill miss your shrieks and the funniest things that comes out of your mouth. and omg despite your retardedness, you still are one of the smartest among the girls haha! ooh and rmb the "you is suck" that everyone was teasing you about last year? haha anyway, thankyou for bringing so much fun and laughter to the class and goodluck in jc!

yo gra! oh no now when i think of you, the first thing that comes to my mind is JOO CHIAT hahaha. wth la, horrible ihp. it was kind of the most memorable project for me though haha. what with the walking up and down joo chiat, buying food from mr bean in between, interviewing random people, and dubbing our voices for the video. ahh fine, it was kind of fun in a wayy. anyway, thankyou for being such a great friend and project group mate haha. anyway, may you continue to score so well in jc gra, andddd goodluck for next year!

wadee! ohman remember that time when we were running around parkway looking for a certain girlfriend of yours wadeeee? haha that was kind of fun actually. ah ill miss camwhoring with you wadeee! how you always go "dont take me dont take me!" and then give your trademark smile at the camera as you say that. thankyou for bringing so much joy into the class wadeeee. so goodluck in jc ya? for today, ill say german rocks more than french. happyy? :D


gwensypoosy! ah i havent called you that in a long time hahaha. remember how much we enjoyed ourselves just by watching simin and norman quarrel in our group? omg i dont think ill ever forget your weird fetishes for characters like voldermort and lucius and white haired people. oh and also your especially long strand of hair haha! and yes tsk you for always stealing bites at our food! thankyou for being such a great friend and oh for telling me that ive got nice dressing sense in korea haha! goodluck in jc and all the best gwensypoo!


qinger! ahh thanks for being shorter than me so i dont feel that bad being almost the shortest girl in class haha! its horrible right, somehow our class people are really tall. between, did i tell you that you looked really good for prom? my sister said so too! i liked your hair much(: mine was supposed to look something like that, just it kind of turned out a little different from what i expected hahaha. ahh though we arent really close, i dont think ill ever forget your contagious laughter(: so goodluck in jc and all the best!


hey kevin! how's your studying for H10 going? :D haha i think ive lost count of the number of times our group teased you already. H10, "concentrate concentrate", "focus focus", your wonderful spelling, how you always only burst out into laughter like 10seconds after we finished laughing, how you come up with the most ridiculous words that we always fail to understand, how you force your eyes open in class even though we know youre half asleep, aaand alot more. but thankyou so much for being patient with us even though im sure we distracted you alot in class! really sorry about that! and thankyou so much for the sweet little message tied to the chocolate bar you gave each of us at prom. it was really sweet kevin! i'll definitely miss your retardness which always always makes us laugh haha. so goodluck in jc and all the best kevin! remember your H10!


hey lucas! thanks for always caring so much about the class, doing so much for us, sending us the emails, posting so actively on the class blog, together with organising all those class stuff for us. i guess our class wouldnt have been that bonded without you! but tskkk you for all your tapping on our shoulders or poking our cheeks! ahh i can still picture how you, shermaine and wadee quarrel about whether french or german is better. ohoh but here's something to make you happy! i personally think that french sounds nicer haha. so i shall get shermy to teach me some french when she allows me to go to her house! haha hope you enjoyed this two years with v13 as much as i did lucas(: you really did contribute much to the class so thankyou again. goodluck in jc!


hellooo asyraf! i realised ive actually got lots of things to thankyou for haha. thankyou for accompanying me at eunos busstop for a few times, haha smsing iris to check when's my bus coming, paying most of the cab fare for me when we were supposed to share a cab home, sharing those long convos with me for a few times (rmb "non-virgin" and "virgin"? :D ), and even showing me that hilarious video of you at a certain soccer party in your phone, listening to my ranting a few times and comforting me, introducing me to gossip girl, aaand sharing my love for blair and CHUCK BASS! haha and lastly, for having shorter eyelashes than me at prom! :D ill miss hearing your lame pun jokes which you make up yourself, and your making fun of our beloved maths teacher haha. stay happy soccer boy, and goodluck in jc!


hey normy! ahh youre one funny person. dyeing your hair white on prom night omg. i guess thats kind of umm, cool(: anyway thankyou for being such a great ct rep for our class! although i admit there are times when you really get on our nerves by all your shouting and switching off of the classroom lights when everyone's still trying to cram the exam stuff into our heads or still copying chinese homework. but dont worry normy, we dont hate you haha. you'll always be our best CT rep! :D and thankyou much for making me laugh by your quarrels with simin when we were still in the same group! haha i still remember how you were presenting a project in front of the class while simin was deliberatly trying to irritate you by making her big-eyed sheep pencil stare at you. i actually miss our group quite a bit hahaha. anyway i might still see much of you next year since we're one of the very few people who are taking geog haha. so goodluck in jc normy, and all the best!


hey darren! thankyou for always lending me your chinese homework to copy in the morning! between, i think your chinese handwriting is reallyy nice haha(: i shall not believe your "i did not study at all" anymore cause horrible you can ace chinese almost every single paper you do! may you continue to excel in your studies darren! and goodluck in jc!


hey willie! i just realised you dont show us your magic tricks anymoreee! haha thankyou for always fascinating us with your awesome magic tricks at the start of the year! and for being such a nice maths groupmate, helping to cover me with the maths textbook when i dozed off during maths omg. feels like only yesterday when we pushed the chair under the table just so that our beloved maths teacher doesnt come and sit beside us hahaha. anyway, goodluck in jc and all the best! ohoh and goodluck in maths too hahaha:D


yo yiwen! haha joo chiat comes into my mind right away once i typed your name. i think it'll be quite sometime before we actually forget about our wonderful ihp project on joo chiat ya? anyway, thanks for never getting angry at me even though im sure i offended quite a few times haha. but tskk you for ponning so many chinese lessons luh! to think you could actually hand in a whole photocopy of a chinese paper done by xinchen hahaha. and gohchorchin didnt even realise omg. anyway, i think its amazing to be able to run at least 20km each training you have haha. i'll never be able to do that. ok not that i want to anyway. i'd rather 4hours of chinese(: alrightt, so goodluck in jc and all the best in whatever you do!


hey umar! umm bong dia? haha im sure you still remember what it means. tsk the horrible project! anyway hee thanks for all those little compliments you said to me beforeee! ah and thanks for doing up such a nice video for the joo chiat project! it wouldnt have been possible without you! so goodluck in jc and all the best umar!


hah shermy. you've been waiting for this right. ive got so much to tell you and i think you know already but i shall do this for you anyway since it'll make you happy hahaha. thankyou much for being there for me these two years. there when im sad, there when im happy, there when im angry, basically there whenever i need you la haha. i know there must be times when you're tired of hearing me talk about my problems and all, times when you get upset when i neglect you and forget to reply your smses, but after all these, you're still here with meeee!(: so thankyou for everything alright? and sorry for disappointing you so many times!

even so, i dont think we'll ever forget the wonderful memories we had together! the funny ones, the sad ones, the happy ones, even the gossip ones hahaha. and yes i remember our first bus ride. the suspicious parcel which i peered into while that horrible old woman stood beside me and stared omg. tsk her la. and yes when you were homesick in korea haha. i remember telling you "5,4,3,2,1.. see! it'll all be over so quickly and you can go home!" ahh actually, i told my baby cousin the same thing when he was homesick too hahahahah.

and yes i remember the first day of school. when you were late and i waited for you! when mengxi said something really fast and we exchanged looks. i guess that was actually what made us such good friends. cause i dont know if you think so too but i think we really think alike haha. there are lots of things which i dont think anyone else can understand how i feel about them, but you did. thankyou for allowing me to confide in you, for giving me advices time after time. to tell the truth, i have never been able to click so well with anyone before. and i really mean it. you're the first person im able to click so well with shermy. im so glad i know you!

LOVEYOU SHERMY, thanks for making my two years in ip such a special one. you and your numerous eyecandies haha! i dont know what ill do without you next year really. oops actually, we can still go for breaks together rightright? just that ill still have to endure waiting for you to finish up your food!

and we still havent gone out properly togetherrr! what with you coming up with excuses like "bad omens" omg. please do not do that anymore alright? waking up in the morning and realising that you cant walk straight IS NOT A BAD OMEN. neither is it a reason why we should not go to the airport to eat popeyes' mashed potato!

haha but thankyou for being you shermyyy! ill miss being in the same class as you next year. really really will.


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Thursday, June 26, 2008

goodbye peeps!

Goodbye, my almost lover
Goodbye, my hopeless dream
I’m trying not to think about you
Can’t you just let me be

So long, my luckless romance
My back is turned on you
Should’ve known you’d bring me heartache
Almost lovers always do

We walk along a crowded street
You took my hand and danced with me

And when you left, you kissed my lips
You told me you would never, ever forget
These images

Well, I’d never want to see you unhappy
I thought you’d want the same for me

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